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Home    Cosmetic Ingredients    snail protein powder

snail protein powder

[product name] snail protein powder

[source] snail mucus

[Appearance] White fine powder.

[Active ingredient] Protein, amino acid

[product specifications] 60%

[Solubility] Soluble in water

[Package] Plastic bags and cardboard drums for external use.

[Storage] Store in a cool, dry, dark place.

[Shelf life] two years

[Packing method] Large cargo 25 kg / cardboard drum, sample packaging is double-layer plastic bag, net weight 2.5-3KG per barrel, diameter 36-40CM, height 50CM, the capacity of each barrel can be 25KG according to requirements, barrel packaging Can also be replaced into small packages according to requirements, easy to use.

[Schedule] 5KG, standard label, label company, product name, specification, weight, batch number, contact information, etc.

[Sample] General products provide 10-20 grams of sample, free samples.

[Transportation method] Express, international express delivery within 7 working days around.  Within 100KG, the production time is 3-5 days, and within 1000KG, the production time schedule is generally within 10 days. 

[Quality clause] Some products can be issued 10g sample for testing, and the test will be delivered immediately; or each batch of goods we have its own test report COA attached, the product quality is strictly in accordance with the testing standards, such as after receiving the goods, If the test content or the bacteria test is unqualified, we can negotiate with us to return the goods. However, according to years of experience in export production, all of our products have not experienced such a situation.

[Storage conditions] This product should be sealed and shielded from light, stored in a dry, cool, well ventilated place.

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