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Freeze Dried Blueberry Powder

Descriptions : 

Product name: Blueberry powder

Extracted part : Fruit

Specifications :spray-drying or freezed-dried

Appearance: Purple red fine powder


* Apart from the regular sugar, acid and vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin B, blueberry fruit  also includes superoxide dismutase (SOD), arbutin, protein, anthocyanin, dietary fiber and rich in potassium , iron, zinc, calcium and mineral elements. 

* It not only has good nutrition and health, but also can prevent brain aging, cardiac, cancer soften blood vessels, enhance the human immune functions.

* As one of the ingredients in many dishes and snack,  many baked goods will add artificial blueberry flavor. Blueberry jam is so popular in daily life.

* Blueberries, especially wild species, contain antioxidants, can reduce the chance of cancer. And some researchers released details of a study show certain compounds in blueberries (and some similar plants such as cranberries) for inhibition of deterioration of brain functions is strongly influenced related diseases including Alzheimer's disease.

* Our wild blueberry powder offers an outstanding blueberry taste, added to a morning shake, or mixed with any food or recipe of your choice to deliver both the antioxidants and flavor of the wild blueberry.

* We take great pride in being able to offer the highest quality freeze dried blueberry powder in the world that is: 100% pure, raw, certified organic. It is free of pesticides, herbiciders, chemical fertilizers, fillers.

* Adding our Blueberry powder to your diet is one of the smartest health choices you can make. Besides, we use time-saving conveninet resealable packaging. No Leakage.

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